Arihant Software & Service was established with a objective to provide one stop solution to business. We are authorised channel partner of Busy Accounting Software. BUSY offers a range of accounting softwares to cater to the needs of different business segments. The primary editions offered by BUSY are Basic, Standard & Enterprise.

Apart from Busy accounting software we also provide following services -

  • SMS integration with busy for Invoice alerts to clients  
  • Barcode Label 
  • Barcode Printer 
  • Barcode scanner
  • Billing printer
  • Attendance machine
  • SMS services for business promotion. 


Advanced Accounting Features

Busy is a complete accounting software. It is so easy in Busy to maintain accounts that an non-accounting person can manage his accounts in busy very easily. On the other hand, Busy provides all advance accounting tools to help professional accountants to maintain accounts of any size of enterprise. From basic reports like Day book, ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet etc. to advanced reports like Cost Centers, Bill By Bill Tracing’s, Budgets etc. User will find all his accounting requirements fulfilled in a single Tool i.e. “Busy”.

Complete Stock Management System

Stock and Inventory Control is a strong part of the Busy Software. Either you want to maintain stock of trading company or you want to manage more complex stock of an Manufacturing Company, you will find Busy convenient in all fields. Busy provides the option to maintain multi location inventory with advanced features like Size, Color, MRP, Batch Nos., Serial Numbers etc.

Complete Billing System

Billing in busy is as easy as someone can create a manual invoice. Every Manual Invoice has three parts,
Header: To maintain bill no., bill date, party name etc.
Body: To mention item details, pricing, item wise discounts etc.
Footer: To mention bill sundries like discount, freight, vat, cst etc.
In Busy, user also works in a same pattern of manual invoice. Busy also provide many advanced options in invoicing like Point of Sale, Schemes, Discount System, Multiple Price List, VAT or Retail Invoices etc.

Advance Features for Business Management

Busy is not just an accounting and inventory software. It manages all your business process. It provides advanced business management tools like Quotation Management, Order Management, Enquiry Management, Delivery Notes, Payment Reminders etc. Busy puts you on the driving seat of your business. It helps you take your business on next level.

Data Safety Controls

Today, business software is the back bone of every business. It contains all important information’s of an business doing its working in the software. Data of Business and its safety is an important issue for every business. Busy provides many advanced options to control the users of the software to do working in a system driven environment. As well as Busy also provides the complete user control to avoid the sharing of unrelated data or information to operators. It provides multi level security to share the input and output as per user profiles.


Busy is an most important tool for every business. It also provides additional features to make your working more efficient and easier. Some of the utilities helps you to control your business like Data Freezing, Block/De-activate Items or Accounts etc.. While some utilities helps you to save your time in doing different type of business workings like bulk master creation, bulk price/discount/tax rate change utilities etc.



Unlimited Companies
Complete Financial Accounting
GST and VAT with eReturn
Billing (Basic Level)
Multi Location Inventory
User Configurable Invoice Printing
User Configurable Documents/Labels/Reminders
TDS (Non-Salary)
Service Tax with Registers
MIS Analysis and Reports
Interest Calculation
Bank Reconciliation
Bill By Bill Billing


All Features of Basic Version
Advanced Billing Options
Advanced Stock Management
Sales/Purchase Quotations
Sales/Purchase Orders
Sales/Purchase Challans
Job Work (In House/Out Side)
Point of Sales for Retailers
Scheme Management
Bill of Material and Productions
Excise (Manufacturing + Trading)
Item Serial Number Tracking
Batch Wise Stock Tracking


All Features of Standard Version
Indent Management
Voucher/Master Approval System
CRM (Pre-Sales Enquiry Management)
CSM (Post-Sales Support Management)
HO/BO Concept (Multi Branch Management )
Data Sync System from BO to HO and Vice versa.
Email/SMS Query
Web Based Reporting
User Activity Logs




Choose your plan

Basic Prices (Rs.) *

Prices with GST (Rs.)**

Basic Single User (BS-17)  6400.00 7552.00
Basic Dual User (BD) 9600.00 11328.00
Basic Multi User (BM) 16,000.00 18,880.00
Standard Single User (SS) 12,000.00 14,160.00
Standard Dual User (SD) 18,000.00 21,240.00
Standard Multi User (SM) 30,000.00 35,400.00
Standard Server Client (SC) (Per User)# 12,000.00 14,160.00
Enterprise Single User (ES) 17,600.00 20,768.00
Enterprise Multi User (EM) 44,000.00 51,920.00
Enterprise Server Client (EC) (Per User)# 17,600.00 20,768.00

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**Prices for Installation at Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh only.
For Other States – Please Call at 98992-40835,99900-09799,93501-75621.
#Charges Does not Includes Server Installation or Branch Configurations.